News - 2017

CSI net impact assessment stakeholder roundtable workshop

Lisbon & Outão, 2 & 3 November 2017

The CSI has been working on the development of a net impact assessment (NIA) methodology framework specified for cement producers. In order to gather feedback from external stakeholders on the draft developed, a stakeholder engagement event was organized on 2 & 3 November in Lisbon & Outão, Portugal, hosted by Secil.

Apart from representatives of CSI members, experts from a good mix of key stakeholders joined the occasion, including The European Cement Association (CEMBUREAU), The Biodiversity ConsultancyFauna & Flora International, BirdLife International, University of Évora and other independent experts.

The two-day event covers a workshop discussion and outing at a Secil site. The in-depth discussion on Day 1 examined the scope of the methodology developed and analysis behind, highlighting the importance of the habitat assessment and elaborate on the next steps. During the outing on Day 2, participants visited the nursery plant and a limestone quarry, with a focus on the rehabilitation area. The landscape rehabilitation plan of this site started in 1982, and since 2007, Secil has been involved in a partnership with the University of Évora and University of Lisbon. Together, they undertook specific scientific assessments related to the impact of the extractive process on the fauna and species presence and habitat. A biodiversity action plan has been implemented since 2009 to mitigate the impacts on the fauna, thus creating conditions attracting fauna to the restored area.

Based on the feedback gathered in these discussion, the CSI project group will review the draft methodology and made appropriate adjustment. The document is expected to be ready for publication in Q1 2018, followed by trainings and pilot testing with CSI member companies throughout 2018. 

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