Key Performance Indicators

CSI members understand and acknowledge that safety is an issue of utmost importance. Their vision and ultimate goal is to completely eliminate fatalities from all operations under control – an ambitious but achievable target. Within 10 years, the average safety performance of the CSI member companies will match that achieved by the leading industrial sectors.


Data (as of up-to-date report on 2012 data)



All businesses

No. of reporting companies

22 22

No. of lost time injuries (LTIs) - directly employed

770 2,188

LTI frequency rate - directly employed

1.29 2.06

LTI (working) severity rate - directly employed

34 59

No. of LTI - contractors / subcontractors

954 1,460

No. of fatalities - directly employed

17 27

Fatality rate - directly employed

0.60 0.54

No. of fatalities - contractors / subcontractors

66 80

No. of fatalities - 3rd parties on-site / off-site

37 53


Fatality rate - all activities Lost time incident frequency rate - all activities


CSI members report to the CSI regularly on the following KPIs in line with "Safety in the cement industry: Guidelines for measuring and reporting":

  • Number of fatalities (directly employed)
  • Number of fatalities per 10,000 directly employed
  • Number of fatalities (contractors / subcontractors)
  • Number of fatalities (3rd party - on-site / off-site)
  • Number of Lost Time Injuries (directly employed)
  • Total number of Lost Time Injuries
  • Lost Time Injuries per 1 million manhours (directly employed)