Global Cement Database on CO₂ and Energy Information

Battelle Scoping Study

The reports here represent part of the work by major cement companies to explore how the cement industry as a whole can evolve to assume a proper place in a sustainable future.

The study findings include a variety of recommendations for the industry and its stakeholders for improvements to cement production efficiency, emissions control, health and safety, communications and a number of other issues. Undertaking this type of open, self-critical effort carried risks. The participating companies believe that the long-term benefits of an independent review of the cement industry's status and future opportunities justify those risks.

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The intent of the study was to share information that will help any cement company - regardless of its size, location, or current state of progress - work constructively toward a sustainable future. The pursuit of a more sustainable cement industry examined a number of technical, managerial, and operational issues in depth.

Thirteen different substudies were completed as part of this research, under the direction of the Battelle Memorial Institute. In addition, several other documents were developed to address specific issues, or to aid in implementation of the findings. Two documents were completed to integrate the findings and recommendations from these many separate substudies.

Toward a Sustainable Cement Industry - A report by Battelle Memorial Institute



Technology Roadmap: Low-Carbon Transition in the Cement Industry


Development of State of the Art Techniques in Cement Manufacturing: Trying to Look Ahead


Sustainable supply chain management guides
Cement Industry Energy and CO2 Performance: "Getting the Numbers Right"
Cement Sector Scope 3 GHG Accounting and Reporting Guidance
Guidelines for Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
Guidance for reducing and controlling emissions of mercury compounds in the cement industry
Guidance on Good Practices for Water Accounting



Low Carbon Technology Partnership initiative (LCTPi) - Cement: CEO statement

Low Carbon Technology Partnership initiative (LCTPi) - Cement: full report

Health Management Handbook: Addressing occupational exposures in the cement industry



Protocol for Water Reporting

Biodiversity Management Plan Guidance

Guidelines for Co-Processing Fuels and Raw Materials in Cement Manufacturing

Waste management solutions by the cement industry



Safety in the cement industry: Guidelines for measuring and reporting (version 4.0)

CSI Product Category Rules (PCR) for concrete (published by Environdec)



CSI Progress Report - Full Report

CSI Progress Report - Executive Summary

Sectoral Market Mechanisms Brochure

Guidelines for Emissions Monitoring and Reporting in the Cement Industry

Material Choice for Green Buildings - Executive Summary (published by Arup)



Guidelines on Quarry Rehabilitation

CO2 and Energy Accounting and Reporting Standard for the Cement Industry



Recommended Good Practice Driver Safety

Recommended Good Practice Contractor Safety

Recycling Concrete - Full Report

Recycling Concrete - Executive Summary

A Sectoral Approach: Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in the Cement Industry



Climate Actions



CSI Progress Report

CSI Profile



Formation and Release of POPs in the Cement Industry



CSI Interim Progress Report - Full Report

CSI Interim Progress Report - Executive Summary

Strengthening the CDM: A Cement Industry Perspective



Health and safety in the cement industry: Examples of good practice



Agenda for Action - Full Report

Agenda for Action - Executive Summary

Battelle Scoping Study - Full Report

Battelle Scoping Study - Executive Summary

Battelle Scoping Study - Leaflet

Communication and Stakeholder Involvement: Guidebook for Cement Facilities