Health and Safety in the Cement Industry: Examples of Good Practice

Good Practice

Ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for employees and contractors is a fundamental moral and corporate social responsibility requirement to corporate social responsibility, and is the most important issues for the cement industry. CSI member companies recognise the importance of health and safety and, although significant progress has already been made, they are committed to a process of continually improving their health and safety performance.

As promised under the Agenda for Action, the CSI Task Force on Employee Health & Safety has now drafted these Examples of Good Practice. This guideline document outlines how the management of both health and safety can and should be achieved, without being over-prescriptive.

It gives practical guidance on good practice in safety procedures in the cement industry based on experience and focused on the identified fatality and injury causes. It also gives parallel employee health guidelines, again targeted towards the key controls that need to be in place.

Health and Safety in the cement industry

All CSI documents (including guidance on health and safety) is freely available and the CSI encourages all companies in the sector to make use of it and implement in order to improve the well being of all employees working in our industry.

Health and safety in the cement industry: Examples of good practice