CSI Driving and Contractor Safety Initiative

In October 2009, CSI’s then 18 CEOs launched a safety initiative focusing on driver and contractor safety. Following root cause analysis of CSI fatality rates, and a review of other industries’ fatality prevention programs, CSI member companies concluded that:

  1. Fatalities were most likely while driving or operating mobile plant equipment, and contractors were at more risk than employees or third parties (47 % of CSI fatalities in 2008 related to traffic / mobile plants, and 60% of all fatalities were among contractors)
  2. Targeted fatality prevention initiatives have helped other industries reduce improve their safety performance over time

In response, the CSI CEO initiative comprises:

  • Recommended good practice on driving and contractor management for CSI member companies
  • Company-wide implementation of the good practices across all regions and all activities by end of 2014
  • Regular public reporting on progress by all companies

The recommended good practices are available for any companies to use, and CSI encourages the whole industry to adopt them. See the Recommended Good Practice on Driving and Contractor Safety here:

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Recommended Good Practice for Driver Safety
Recommended Good Practice for Contractor Safety