Key Sustainability Issues

In their 2002 Agenda for Action the CSI member companies defined a work program to proactively and systematically tackle the environmental and social impacts of cement manufacturing. They have since developed guidelines for good practice across all addressed issues and defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and measurable targets to track progress. Companies report publicly on their performance with regards to the commitments taken in the CSI, as outlined in the CSI Charter. Detailed information on each issue can be found in the relevant sections below:

In 2010, the CSI undertook a strategic review of its work program. It confirmed and expanded the scope and activities of the above issues, and it added further issues to be addressed as part of the CSI work program. These are water, biodiversity and land stewardship, as well as supply chain management. Task Forces have been formed to define and develop the work on these issues.

The CSI regularly reports on how its activities progress. In 2005, it published an Interim Report and in 2008 an online Progress Report. In June 2012, the CSI will publish a further progress report to look back at what has been achieved in the 10 years since the original Agenda for Action was issued in 2002, and to outline the further path forward into the future.