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ImageThe key raw material in cement is limestone, a natural resource that can be found in abundance in most regions globally. Quarrying of limestone is the first stage in the process of cement production. In the cement industry, as in most major industrial sectors, natural resources are a core part of the final product. The question is how sustainably the industry can extract these resources.

CSI members have been actively applying sustainability concepts to their quarrying activities, through undertaking Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) at new sites, implementing quarry rehabilitation plans, and consulting with local communities to best meet their needs. Dust and noise impacts from quarrying activities have been reduced through new quarrying techniques, and communities also reap important benefits from increased employment and investment in local amenities.

The CSI believes in a life-cycle approach to cement production. Quarrying extracts virgin aggregate from the earth, but increasing use of recycled concrete as aggregate has helped to reduce demand for virgin aggregate.