CSI at the BASD Day in Rio

Rio de Janeiro, 18 June 2012

The BASD 2012 Business Day happenging during the Rio+20 events in Rio de Janeiro, is the official UN Major Group Business & Industry event: a high-profile platform for interaction between business leaders and policy-makers with the theme: “Achieving Scale”. CSI will host one of the sector breakout entiteld "Engaging in a new decade".

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Sectoral market mechanisms to enhance climate mitigation

Geneva, 14 June 2012

Sectoral market mechanisms to regulate CO2 emissions are an effective and efficient tool to mitigate climate change, as they can build on national priorities and leverage existing emissions reduction efforts, while rewarding emissions reduction efforts with tradable credits. While ultimately a global climate agreement needs to be put in place, large-scale emissions abatement activities can start at regional and / or country level.

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Revised guidelines for emissions monitoring and reporting released

Geneva, 25 May 2012

The CSI Guidelines for Emissions Monitoring and Reporting in the Cement Industry (version 2.0) provide a common framework to CSI member companies and the wider industry to monitor and report on air emissions. The revised 2012 version takes into account the experience gained during implementation and evaluation of the first guidelines and of the development of the regulatory framework in the years since it was first published (2005).

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Release of the GNR 2010 data

Geneva, 23 April 2012

The 2010 GNR data has been published.  As part of its continuous effort to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency, this is already the 6th year that CSI published data on cement industry CO2 emissions and energy performance from its “Getting the Numbers Right” project.

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CSI presented as keynote speakers at CementTech

Beijing, 30 March 2012

CSI gave a keynote presentation in one of the major annual events for the Chinese cement sector.  Officiated by Mr. Ming Liu from the Department of Industry of National Development and Reform Commission, the event this year attracted 400+ participants from all over China.

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New CSI members from India & Mexico

Geneva, 29 March 2012

CSI warmly welcomes it two new members: Dalmia Cement from India and GCC from Mexico.  With its 24 members operating in over 100 countries worldwide, CSI is committed to serve as a platform for a shared understanding and management of sustainability issues in the cement sector.

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Proposal to UNFCCC on new market mechanisms

Geneva, 5 March 2012

CSI submitted a proposal on new market mechanisms to UNFCCC, with emphasis on the positive role of sectoral mechanisms as part of country-led approaches to climate mitigation.

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