A new guide to help cement & aggregate sector to better manage biodiversity

Geneva, 22 July 2014

The CSI welcomes the joint initiative by IUCN and industry associations to launch a new guide to encourage cement and aggregate companies to responsibly manage biodiversity throughout their operations.

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Evaluation study on externalities of the cement & concrete sector

Geneva, 14 July 2014

On the basis of robust data, models and evaluation tools that its members have been collectively developing over years, the CSI proudly announced its initiative to embark on a major, wide-scope project to evaluate the externalities of the cement and concrete sector.

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CSI participating in Indian Cement Review conference

Mumbai, 6 June 2014

The CSI participated in the Indian Cement Review conference 2014, where leaders from cement industry - manufacturers, users, dealers, researchers, vendors, service providers are brougth together to discuss and deliberate solutions to all major issues confronting the industry in India.

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CSI hosts sustainable supply chain workshop in Paris

Paris, 2 June 2014

The CSI is working to help member companies develop a shared understanding of sustainable development criteria for the supply chain, to develop recommended good practice guidelines and provide material for training of suppliers to enhance their performance. A workshop on the theme was convened in Paris early June. In addition to representatives from member companies, procurement professionals, supply chain experts from IFC, BSR as well as BetterCoal and ICMM participated in the interaction.

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CSI & GRSP hosted multi-sectoral roundtable on road safety in India

New Delhi, 23 May 2014

With the objective to set up a multi-sectoral partnership of companies committed to progress towards improved road safety in India, the CSI and GRSP hosted a roundtable on road safety in Delhi on 23 May. 

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CEOs signed the updated CSI Charter at Seoul meeting

Seoul, 31 October 2012

CEOs of CSI member companies signed the updated CSI Charter at the Seoul meeting on 31 Oct, 2012.  The document represents the CSI members’ individual commitments as part of their contribution to sustainable development.  New members have 3 years from joining to meet the requirements as laid out in the Charter; and a CSI coordinated audit will be carried out once every 4 years, starting in 2014.

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Stakeholder review on low carbon technology roadmap for India

Delhi, 10 October 2012

The draft document on existing and potential technologies for carbon emissions reductions in the Indian cement industry is now released for external review.  Send us your feedback before 21 Oct 2012.

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