New in-depth technology supporting cement sector in further mitigating its CO2 emissions

Geneva, 20 June 2017

The CSI published a report focusing on the availability of the latest technologies and the need to scale up research and development that can help the cement industry mitigate its greenhouse gas emissions.

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CK Birla Group flagship Orient Cement becomes a member of the CSI

Geneva, 24 April 2017

Orient Cement Limited, a part of the diversified CK Birla Group, joined the CSI to give further impetus to its efforts to create a safe and ecologically favourable environment and is in line with its vision to be the “employer of choice” and the “neighbor of choice” in the geographies where it operates.

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Industry launches responsibly sourced concrete certification

Geneva, 14 January 2017

Initiated by the CSI - operating under the umbrella of the WBCSD - concrete industry partners from Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia initiated the development of a responsible sourcing certification system to make the concrete and cement sector more sustainable and to improve transparency. 

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2016 Season's Greetings

Geneva, 22 December 2016

A historic moment: Cement Leaders celebrate the Paris Agreement entering into force

Geneva, 4 November 2016

CSI members welcome the Paris Agreement entering into force as a key milestone in establishing a stable regulatory framework to enable the business community to scale up the implementation of low-carbon solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

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New guidance makes the cement sector value chain (Scope 3) accounting easier

Geneva, 1 November 2016

The CSI is releasing a new guidance to help cement companies worldwide to measure their value chain (scope 3) emissions with a harmonized
methodology for calculation, and eventually to report these emissions for differnt purposes. 

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Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) guidelines available

Geneva, 26 August 2016

ESIA helps to identify the positive and negative impacts caused by project implementation. This is assessed through an analysis of the effects resulting from interaction between environmental and social components and the various activities of a project and its development. The objective of this document is to guide users through the ESIA process, in accordance with international good practice. 

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