News - 2018

Publication of the Getting the Numbers Right 2016 data

Geneva, 27 June 2018

The CSI has published the “Getting The Numbers Right” (GNR) report for 2016 data. Consolidating information from 849 cement manufacturing facilities (including integrated plants and grinding centres) around the world. These facilities represent 19% of global cement production.

The cement industry continues to lead in transparency on emissions reporting and continues to act on mitigation using the 4 main levers available:

The 2016 data show the cement industry has achieved significant CO₂ reduction since 1990. 

 Global data 1990 2014 2015 2016
 Clinker (grey) volume  Million tonnes 423 671 680 606
 Cementitious volume  Million tonnes 512 905 916 818
 Gross specific emissions (cementitious)  kg/tonne 761 637 640 640
 Net specific emissions (cementitious)  kg/tonne 755 616 618 616
 Kiln fuel use  MJ/tonne clinker 4254 3499 3511 3519
 Specific electricity use (cement)  kWh/tonne 119 101 101 103
 Specific electricity use (clinker)  kWh/tonne - 73 73 74
 % clinker in cement  % 83.3 74.6 74.9 75.0
 % alternative fuel use  % 2.0 15.7 15.9 16.7
  • Progress has also continued in replacing less efficient wet & semi wet kiln technologies with more efficient dry preheater & precalciner kiln designs
  • Specific electricity use in clinker continues on a modest downwards trend
  • Updated Technology Papers published in 2017 which describe the existing and emerging technological developments that can further enhance mitigation of CO2 emissions from cement production
  • Innovations in the development of CCS/U and new binder materials are contributing to the potential for long-term CO2 reduction

The CSI and the International Energy Agency (IEA) jointly published an update of the Technology Roadmap: Low-Carbon Transition in the Cement Indutry. It provides global inspiration for the cement sector and policymakers to support evidence-based decisions and regulations in realising a sustainable transition to a 2°C scenario by 2050.

The GNR report presents information on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions from the worldwide cement industry. The report, which also includes historical information, is available at Participants use the CSI CO2 and Energy Accounting and Reporting Standard for the Cement Industry to provide information. 80% of the data provided is independently assured.

The GNR team welcomes comments and queries from all stakeholders which can be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .