News - 2018

CEN PCRs for concrete & cement adpoted

Stockholm, 20 March 2018

A new set of Product Category Rules (PCRs) developed by the CSI has been issued (Sub-PCR-G Concrete and concrete elements (EN 16757)). This is an update from the previous PCR and is now aligned towards EN 15804. These are not standalone PCRs but instead further specification of PCR 2012:01 Construction products and construction services.

Sub-PCR-G Concrete and concrete elements (EN16757) cover

These sub-PCRs do not add any additional methodological requirements, but simply refer to the European standard EN 16757.

The CSI issued the new concrete PCR to be fully aligned with European and international standards, providing consistent and comparable rules for our members and for the whole sector to release EPDs. This new EPD allows for great flexibility, depending on the final use. A functional unit, subject to application of the product in the construction work, or the reporting unit can be chosen. In terms of life cycle stages , reporting could cover the whole life cycle of concrete as well as selected relevant life stages.

The sub-PCRs are now available for any company wishing to declare an EPD for this product category in the International EPD® System.