The updated Global Cement Technology Roadmap outlines the path to implement the Paris Agreement

Global Cement, May 2017

Concrete is the world’s largest man-made product and cement is the essential binder that makes it. It is estimated that 9.8 billion people will inhabit this planet by 2050 and that 60% of the essential infrastructure needed to house this number, to provide them places to work, to educate them, to provide clean water, to give healthcare and to transport them still has to be built. Consequently, the demand for concrete is anticipated to significantly increase by 2050. The challenge to the cement industry is clear, we must increase the momentum that the sector has built up in reducing its CO2 emissions....

To anticipate this movement and to build a longstanding collaboration, in 2009 the IEA and the CSI of the WBCSD, partnered to develop the Global Cement Technology Roadmap through to 2050 - a significant milestone in that it was the first industry-specific Roadmap. Recently the CSI, again in partnership with the IEA, has released an updated version of the Roadmap.

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