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Technology Roadmap: Low-Carbon Technology for the Indian Cement Industry

The Low-Carbon Technology Roadmap for the Indian Cement Industry has been partly funded by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group. IFC's Resource Efficiency work focuses on more efficient use of energy, water and materials, at the firm level and sector level, resulting in reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Systematic evaluation is essential for estimating these development impacts, hence we kindly ask for your contact details. These would be kept confidential and use only for analysis purpose related to the aforesaid work.

Also, we might follow up with you at a later date for further feedback. We encourage you to share information on any project you or your Company has implemented or made use of the literature downloaded from here. If you have any comment or feedback, please email Esha Sar. It would be very helpful for us to communicate results achieved to the donors, enabling allocation of resources for similar projects in the future. Thank you for your interest and support.

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