• Climate Protection

    Climate Protection

    Reducing CO2 emissions from cement production is a key focus of the CSI's work. Read More
  • Fuels and Raw Materials

    Fuels and Raw Materials

    The CSI views waste as a potential recovery opportunity, rather than as a disposal problem. Read More
  • Health & Safety

    Health & Safety

    The CSI's motto is "Aiming for Zero": the goal is to achieve zero fatalities among member companies' operations. Read More
  • Emissions Monitoring and Reduction

    Emissions Monitoring and Reduction

    Curbing emissions of significant pollutants other than CO2 is equally important to protect the atmosphere. Read More
  • Enhancing biodiversity

    Enhancing biodiversity

    The responsible rehabilitation of quarries is key to maintain and even enhance biodiversity in the concerned habitats Read More
  • Concrete Recycling

    Concrete Recycling

    The recycling of concrete can reduce natural resource exploitation and waste going to landfill Read More
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Delhi, India, 17 January 2012

WBCSD’s CSI today invites stakeholders to provide input to a set of technical papers focusing on existing and potential technologies for low carbon growth in the Indian cement industry.

CSI members in India are working with the International Energy Agency (IEA) to develop a ‘Low Carbon Technology Roadmap for the Indian Cement Industry’. Supported by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), CSI is working in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the National Council on Cement and Building Materials (NCB), to identify carbon emissions reduction levers for the Indian cement industry, including policy and financing barriers to implementation. CSI members will convene key policy-makers and financial experts in a 5-week stakeholder dialogue starting from 17 January 2012 to discuss their recommendations.

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