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New Delhi, 23 May 2014

With the objective to set up a multi-sectoral partnership of companies committed to progress towards improved road safety in India, the CSI and GRSP hosted a roundtable on road safety in Delhi on 23 May. 

GRSP_logoJoining hands with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Socieities' (IFRC) Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP), CSI member companies in India are engaging multi-sectoral discussions to build a trusted platform aiming at making a difference in road safety, bringing together actors from the private sector, civil societies and governments, focusing particularly on reducing road crash injury and death in low- and middle-income communities.

GRSP_roundtable_01A roundtable on road safety in India, was recently organized by the CSI and GRSP on 23 May in Delhi. The meeting was organized based on a mandate by the CSI in India Safety working group to set up a multi-sectoral partnership of companies committed to progress towards improved road safety in India. Apart from representatives of CSI in India member companies, other participants included Ashok Leyland, Coca Cola, Castrol, Nestle, Renault, Shell and Total. SaveLife Foundation, a reputable NGO working in partnership with GRSP on road safety issues, also participated in the meeting.

GRSP_roundtable_02Gayle Di Pietro from GRSP provided an overview of the status of the road safety situation globally and in India. She also gave examples of the solutions adopted globally to address this issue including GRSP's experience working together with corporates in developing and emerging economies. Gayle presented to the audience a structured method which could be adopted to design collaborative projects in the area of road safety.

Participants expressed their interest in sharing best practice and working together on issues related to policy advocacy and driver training and certification.